Dear Marvin,

As I told you when we spoke briefly the other day, we are coming up on our two year anniversary with the wonderful home you built for us near Johnson City.  Our children love it and are always thrilled to bring friends and their families for a stay.  It still looks great and I am always so happy to be there.  The care and attention to detail that you exhibited made this the single best home construction experience my husband and I have ever had!  You were always responsive and you showed imagination and creativity in finding solutions for problems that cropped up—–as they always do in a project involving building.  The exterior is still gorgeous and all of the interior finish details continue to make me happy with persuading you to take on the project.  As you remember, many years earlier you had assisted us with a small addition to our home in Austin and the same craftsmanship was shown then as many years later.  

Thank you so much for being a great partner in building our wonderful home for us.


Susan Combs